Master Slide Show (updated 5:10pm 3/7)

Leslie Fisher's Handouts from MACUL-- "The Web 2.0 You Might Not Know About" is great!

Please list here the name/presenter for any sessions you especially liked (and if you have any resources or links that your colleagues might benefit from having access to, please share them here as well). We'd love to use your experiences to help us guide future MACers, and to generally inform one another:

LOTS of digital storytelling tools from the "Storytelling in the cloud" session:

"This I Believe" - Powerful Stories of High School Students Using Digital Storytelling
Julia Keider, English teacher at Fowlerville HS

Another vote for "This I Believe" - Powerful Stories of High School Students Using Digital Storytelling given by Julia Keider. It was the best organized and most fluid presentation I attended; it was also really inspiring. She had lots of examples of student work that demonstrated the value and variety of this activity. It was pretty English-oriented, but it inspired me to think of ways I could try to incorporate a similar assignment in a Spanish class. - Diane

Creative ways to assess learning
by Amy Fifth-Lince, Chris Garzelloni, and Kim Watson
Moodle site for their presentation and Google docs for this presentation
This included a ton of tools for making rubrics, presentations, portfolios, animations, comics, timelines, graphic organizers, screencasts, surveys, and writing tools.

Information for Class Members

Contact Information:
Kristin - 248.987.8885 GVoice/Text,, @activelearning
Jeff - 734.330.0263 phone/text,, @stanzj

NEW! 3/7! Even more parking map goodness!

Our official day at the MACUL Conference on Thursday, March 8th will run from 9:30 until 3:30. There's a round of presentations from 4-5, but attending a presentation then is optional, as is attending the Opening Keynote (Leslie Fisher on "The Technology Time Machine") from 8:30-9:30. We expect that all of you will attend two presentations (one from 10-11, and one from 2:30-3:30) in addition to doing our presentation from 1-2. Most of you will take a lunch break between 11am - 12:45pm. This is also a great time to visit the exhibits. Please meet in our presentation room at 12:45pm for our 1-2pm presentation. We present in the Pearl Room of the Amway on the Concourse Level.

NEW 3/7: LUNCH! The weather has been beautiful, so how about an 8-minute saunter for an early lunch at San Chez, the tapas place Joanna recommended yesterday? Jeff and I will be there around 11:15 (not because we are old senior citizens but because we figure the crowd will be smaller at that time, making it more likely they can accommodate a large group of us) and we'd be delighted if you'd join us and share what you have been learning.
Map from Amway Grand to San Chez
San Chez information from Yelp

Please check in with us at the registration desk when you arrive at 9:30. Remember that although we have paid for you to be there as a group, you do not need a name tag or to check in at the MACUL desk. Should someone inquire, identify yourself as being from the UM School of Education.

To gain admittance to the exhibits, you need one of our two floating exhibit passes. To ask for one or to return the exhibit pass, check in via one of these means:
- Text Kristin or Jeff (see above)
- Tweet with #smac504 as the hashtag

Recommended Dress Code:
School clothes (e.g., khakis and a shirt with a collar). Avoid Casual Friday temptations like a hoodie, t-shirt, or denim.

Here's a link to download the MACUL Conference Program--plan ahead and choose the sessions that you want to attend. You will not get a program at the conference ... try putting this in your Evernote or Dropbox account if you have a smartphone so you can access it during the conference!

Here's a link to the MACUL website to get more information on the conference, and here is a page on parking and directions to Devos Place.