Professional journal article assignment: sample articles/suggested journals

The Assignment

Write and submit for publication in a professional magazine for educators a 2-3 page article both briefly illustrating how to use your web 2.0 tool, and discussing how it can help teachers to reach their student learning goals.

  • Article draft due in class on February 7th (bring five copies)
  • You are invited to submit a draft via e-mail to Kristin and Jeff no later than February 10th for review and feedback
  • Submit to professional publication no later than February 20th, sending Jeff or Kristin documentation of your submission (copy one of us on your submission email, for example)

Articles written by MAC Alumni guests to be read for class on January 17th:

Leah Armelagos & Adam Saligman “Piclits--Conquer the blank page in the classroom” (Learning & Leading with Tech.—August 2010)

Kim Garber & David Picking on Geogebra (Mathematics Teacher—October 2010)

Emily Golen on Wallwisher (Middle Ground Magazine--January/February 2012)

Other recent articles written by MAC Alumni:

Tom Ward on Wiffiti (Tech & Learning--March 2011)

Tracy Schloemer & Susan Rinaldi on "Celebrating Serendipity: Connecting Chemistry and History" (Science Teacher--April/May 2011)

Amanda Hurless on Quizlet (MACUL Journal--Fall 2011)

Bob Ause on Museum Box (MACUL Journal--Summer 2010)
Kristina Morton on Wordle (MACUL Journal--Summer 2010)
Victor Chen on Probewear (MACUL Journal--Summer 2010)

Autumn Fabricant on “Sketchfu in the Classroom” (Learning & Leading with Tech.—February 2010)

Writing for Publication: Tips from Kristin

Journals to consider

Here are some suggestions for professional magazines to which you might consider submitting your article:

Tech & Learning (follow the Contact Us link)

Learning and Leading with Technology

MACUL Journal


Educational Leadership

EdTech Magazine

The Science Teacher

Library Media Connection

Mathematics Teacher

ASCD Express

Language Educator

Phi Delta Kappan

Social Education; Social Studies & the Young Learner

National Council of Teachers of English "School Talk"

Technology & Engineering Teacher

THE Journal

Middle Ground: The Magazine of Middle Level Education

Rethinking Schools

Meridian: A K-12 Information and Communication Technologies Journal

Science in School

Language Magazine