1. REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT. Go to http://www.aviary.com/register to create your account. (You'll need to scroll down to complete it.) Make a note, in a safe place, of your username and password. You'll need it again when you go to make your This I Believe podcast for homework. On the next screen, skip the social media part. Click the blue CONTINUE TO DASHBOARD button.

3. NAVIGATE TO THE MYNA AUDIO EDITOR. From the list of options in the right-hand column, select AUDIO EDITOR: MYNA.

4. WATCH THE TUTORIAL. If you like to learn by video, go to YouTube.com

5. OPEN THE RECORDING PANEL. The podcasting screen will show up. Start by recording your voices by clicking the RECORD button. A recording panel will come up.

6. SET UP YOUR MICROPHONE. Toggle to BUILT-IN INPUTt if you are using an external (plugged-in) mic. Toggle to BUILT-IN MICROPHONE if you have a computer with a built-in microphone or webcam.

7. GET QUIET. Take a deep breath. Set your papers and any jangly accessories down. Make sure you are in a quiet space (the hall is OK).

8. RECORD! In the second panel of the recording toolbar, press START RECORDING. Speak. Press STOP RECORDING when done. Note:
you have a two-minute limit for each voice recording. Try to keep each person's portion under two minutes. If you need more time, though, just record another audio clip.

9. LISTEN TO THE PLAYBACK. Wait a second, and then you will hear your voice played back. If you do not hear it, go back to check Step #6 and make sure your speakers are turned on. If you like what you hear, great! Contine on to the next step. If you don't, go back to Step 8 and try again.

10. SAVE! Once you like your recording, click SAVE TO PROJECT.

11. RENAME. You will be prompted to rename your project. Give it a descriptive name (e.g., Kristin PSA Part I).

12. ADD YOUR FILE TO THE PODCAST. Notice that a new grey right-hand column called "Imported Files" has been created, and the file you just named is listed. Drag your file into the Track I row.

13. REMOVE DEAD AIR. If you have dead air at the beginning/end, you can drag the arrows at the top corners of the clip to remove them. (That means you and your students don't have to hurry to begin recording, right? Because it's so easy to remove dead air!)

14. SAVE! You'll see, on the far-right end of the blue toolbar, "You haven't saved yet. Save as ..." Click SAVE AS.

15. METADATA THIS! Give your podcast a title in the Creation Title box. You can leave the other boxes blank.Click SAVE AS NEW CREATION.

16. MIXDOWN. The Mixdown dialog box will automatically pop up. Click MIXDOWN. When it is done, you'll get a new top half of your window. Find "Continue Working on your creation" (blue toolbar, right-hand side).

17. FIND OPENING MUSIC. Time to open the music library and add opening music! Click "AGREE ON THE TERMS - SHOW ME THE LIBRARY" at the bottom of the screen. Browse under CATEGORIES -- by CDs, styles, or keywords. By default, the next-to-last column is set to INTROS. In the final column, you can click the triangle icon to play any of the intros.

18. ADD OPENING MUSIC TO YOUR PROJECT. When you find one you like, drag it up in to Track 2. Drag your voice content from Track 1 to the right until you've got them both where you want to. Refer to the YouTube video above for special effects! Use the playback buttons under the tracks to listen to the intro, followed by your voice. (Unclick the continuous play button if the constant repeats bother you!)

19. BROWSE FOR CLOSING MUSIC. Now click on ENDS under the next-to-last column. Again, play around with closings (I usually pick an intro and a closing from the same album for consistency.) Follow Step 18 when you find one you like, only put the end in Track 3 and drag it to the right until you've got it the way you want it.

20. PLAY IT BACK. Sound great? Go on to Step 21. Want another chance? Go back and try again.

21. BEGIN TO PUBLISH THE PODCAST ON AVIARY. Click SAVE on the blue toolbar.

21. SMOOSH IT ALL UP INTO A FINISHED FILE. Aviary uses the term "Mixdown" for "take all the separate parts of your podcast and smoosh them together into a single file." Click MIXDOWN on the blue toolbar. When the prompt comes up, click MIXDOWN.

22. PUBLISH IT! In the grey box, click PUBLISH. Now find the Mp3 EMBED CODE option from the middle column. Click in that box. The URL (code) inside that box will turn blue. Do CTRL+C or COMMAND+C to copy it.

23. LOG INTO WIKISPACES. Grab the "I'm working on the wiki" tin from the teacher's desk. Click on EDUBLOGGER PSAS and EDIT.

24. PUT YOUR INFORMATION BELOW. First, type your name(s) into the first box. Then go to WIDGET on the wiki toolbar. From the purple column of options, click the bottom one: OTHER HTML. In the white box, paste (CTRL+V or COMMAND+V) the code you copied in Step 22. Click SAVE. You'll see a grey box labeled "other widget" on the wiki page.

25. ALMOST DONE ... Click SAVE on the wiki toolbar. Take a look at the table -- see how your grey box has turned into a built-in audio player? Congratulate yourself (and/or your partner) for a job well done. Return the "I'm working on the wiki" tin to the teacher.



First name(s)
Embedded podcast player
1. Kristin

2. Kristin

3. Matt



6. Amanda

7. Breanna

8. Kristen K.

9. Lindsay


11. Kristin's Hip-Hop Awesomeness
<div><object type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data='http://www.aviary.com/flash/aviary/audio/embed/player.swf' height='24' width='290'> <param name='movie' value='http://www.aviary.com/flash/aviary/audio/embed/player.swf'> <param name='FlashVars' value='soundFile=http://www.aviary.com/getfile?fguid=7de5c3a2-b481-11e0-b7f8-12313b101135%26getegg=0%26getmp3=1'> <param name='quality' value='high'> <param name='menu' value='false'> <param name='wmode' value='transparent'> </object></div><div><a href='http://www.aviary.com/artists/elizabethmines/creations/elizabeth_mines_educ_504'>Elizabeth Mines EDUC 504.egg</a> on <a href='http://www.aviary.com'>Aviary.</a></div>
12.Elizabeth Mines

13. Kyle Tecmire

14. Charles Emory

15.Nadia Selim & Curtis Lee

16. Caroline Whitaker

17. MC David Tan & Notorious R.J.Q.

Charlotte Meeker

19. Caitlin Stansell



22. Brianne Rhoades
So, Myna stopped saving new recording files. Therefore my PSA is tragically unfinished.

Shannon Morton

Mindy Broderick

Jenny Cooper
<div><object type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data='http://www.aviary.com/flash/aviary/audio/embed/player.swf' height='24' width='290'> <param name='movie' value='http://www.aviary.com/flash/aviary/audio/embed/player.swf'> <param name='FlashVars' value='soundFile=http://www.aviary.com/getfile?fguid=dd4a3de4-b492-11e0-b7f8-12313b101135%26getegg=0%26getmp3=1'> <param name='quality' value='high'> <param name='menu' value='false'> <param name='wmode' value='transparent'> </object></div><div><a href='http://www.aviary.com/artists/jencooperteach/creations/edubloggerpsa'>EDUBloggerPSA.egg</a> on <a href='http://www.aviary.com'>Aviary.</a></div>
26. Lana Krolikowski